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Kids’ New Year’s Resolutions

Ask your child what their New Year’s resolution is and it may be to advance their Minecraft civilization to the next level or set a new record for how many characters per minute they can text. There are probably plenty of changes you’d like to see your child make this year. A cleaner room, perhaps?…Read the Rest »

Summer Boredom Busters

While most kids can play their favorite sport year round, the summer season offers the perfect chance to branch out and try something new. It may be at day camp, art or tennis lessons, or an educational opportunity at a school, library or museum nearby. Explore the town you live in or a neighboring city…Read the Rest »

Welcome to KidSignups!

We aim to provide parents with one source for all kids’ activities and remind them via email so they never miss another signup deadline. Coaches and clubs get publicity and can keep parents in the loop. Plus, it’s all FREE. Sign up today! If you’re a parent looking for a new activity or if your…Read the Rest »

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